Lady Boss

A word from me - the woman, partner, friend, sister, cat-mum, dyslexic, clothes-lover, citizen of the world, ex-PRer and lady boss (hell yea!) behind Omi Na-Na.

Pin-pointing a concrete start date to journeys in life can sometimes be difficult, and I’d say that this is true for Omi Na-Na.

Having always been interested in and occasionally dabbled in the art of fashion and dress-making, I took a leap of faith towards the end of 2019 and quit my rather safe but crazy PR job to dive straight into the world of fashion. And not just fashion, but ethical fashion.

If I’m honest, I spent a large part of my youth buying fast fashion but over the last few years started to take more of an interest in the quality of the clothes that I was purchasing and also the stories behind the brands. I started to follow a number of interesting designers that were pushing creative boundaries and in my view, doing things the right way. That is, looking after their employees, investing in craft and being damn proud of working differently from the mainstream designers.

The more I followed these new brands and learnt about the negative implications of the fast fashion industry, the more I realised how much damage I was doing by buying into it. I had to re-evaluate my own practices and also consider what I could do to help change things for the better.

A cross-road in my career and personal life led me to take the road towards setting up Omi Na-Na, something which I am so glad that I have pursued. Having felt like I never quite fit into my previous work environments and feeling somewhat disenfranchised with what I had spent so many years doing, Omi Na-Na has been a chance for me to use my creativity and focus on something I am genuinely passionate about and hope inspires others too.

Omi Na-Na is for women who are on their own journeys of self-discovery and that along the way, want to empower other communities around the world so that we all have the chance to live our best lives. 

Esha x