Eleven Eleven: Anything but Basic
Representing a continuous quest for mastery, Eleven Eleven has consolidated its roots in the luxury space while building links between farmers, weavers, vegetable dying and block printing traditions.

Eleven Eleven create meaningful garments based on ethical production and sustaining local community strengths. While some more simple pieces are made in-studio, production for many garments take place all over India with the aim of uplifting local communities and mitigating against the migration crisis that negatively impacts the lives and families of skilled artisans.

Such care is taken to produce these 100% handmade pieces that it often takes up to three months to produce a single garment. The fabrics of which are based on 100% khadi cotton, khadi denim, kala cotton, silk and ahisma silk that are dyed naturally. The combination of using these naturally produced fabrics in modern cuts, results in a unique, exclusive and original collection.
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