Mini Smiley BB Ring
small smiley small ring beads easy-wear
small smiley small ring beads easy-wear

Mini Smiley BB Ring

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Just like the classic, but smaller for your pinky :) 

Each ring is a small piece of Colombia’s magic for you to hold.  Designed to spark joy, handmade by Embera Chami artisans with the intention to connect us back to nature. 

Ready to ship: We have a very small batch ready to ship from London. One piece remaining.

Product details

  • Made In Colombia
  • Color: Yellow
  • Made of pressed, fire-polished glass beads and thread
  • This product is being made in Colombia and will be delivered mid-April
  • Care guide: Easy to wear with little hassle. To prevent threads from unravelling, avoid prolonged time under water. In the event that threads loosen, tie a knot and carefully burn the end with a lighter. Keep away from sharp objects that may tear the threads. Please note that rings will stretch a bit under water so avoid wearing them in the ocean as it may slip off. But do feel free to wear it in the pool

Size & fit guide

Small fits size 4 | Medium fits size 5,6 - measurements listed below.

Size 4 equal to 


Size 5 equal to 

15.8 mm

Size 6equal to


Ethical standards

Coming soon.