Our Story

Born out of an aspiration to do and wear better, Omi Na-Na brings together a uniquely curated collection of premium fashion and homeware products which have been made by brands across the world that are striving to bring about positive change in their local communities.

With issues such as fair pay and working conditions for garment workers being increasingly talked reported on, coupled with the general lack of sustainable practice in the fashion industry, our aim is to be part of the new movement towards more positive and conscious living.

The designers we have chosen to work with champion local artisans and manufacturing through traditional techniques, and many even produce their own fabrics in their studios. The small supply chains involved in bringing their beautiful designs to life, mean greater transparency and control on key aspects such as producing ethically and craftsmanship. The combination of high quality fabrics, unique designs that transcend seasonal trends and limited production runs, creates exclusive and memorable pieces that can be worn for years to come. 

Responsible fashion aside, we believe that people should also be at liberty to express themselves authentically. Far too often, we follow the crowd or buy in to trends because that’s the status quo or the done thing to do.

We break away from the common minimalist look that is synonymous with ethical products and make ethical clothes with a personality available. We believe that we should be able to embrace the move to ethical and sustainable production, but also retain our identities and creativity and that’s exactly what we stand for.

You’ll find that we regularly update our collection and only make small quantities available to help manage our own waste footprint and to allow for more sustainable production. We do things differently and proudly so!