Values & Sustainability

We're committed to acting as ethically and sustainably as possible to help minimise our waste footprint in our wider community, and to help empower communities across the globe.

We pledge to therefore: 

1) Work with ethical brands only 

We are seriously picky about who we choose to work with. For us, we want partnerships with designers and brands that put communities first, who aren’t afraid of pushing design boundaries and that create quality garments and products that transcend seasonal trends. We're also look to work with organisations that care about the environment and are striving to produce in a way which protects the environment.

All the products we stock are made to order especially for our community. The pieces are exclusive, exceptionally made and all have a personality of their own.

2) Be as transparent as possible 

In order to make informed decisions about your products, we've created icons to help show you the values and practices associated with each brand we work with. You can then make an informed choice about the products and brands you like.

3) Use recyclable packaging

You'll find that we ship our goods in recyclable cardboard boxes which you can reuse or recycle. In fact, all of our packaging is recyclable including the tape. Our postcards made sustainably by Ashley House in Devon and are made from recycled fibres that have been printed with eco-friendly ink. 

4) Partner with as many sustainable suppliers as possible

We choose our suppliers carefully. For example, we ship our next day deliveries by DPD, a carbon neutral company who are certified to the internationally recognised environmental management standard, ISO14001. If you receive our mailbox in an ExpressPak, you'll see that these have been made from recycled plastic and after use, are 100% recyclable.

We hope to continue finding and building our relationships with organisations which share a similar ethos to us.

5) Create a more circular fashion economy by launching an up-cycling scheme

We hope you'll keep your clothes for years to come but if you do come to a point where you're no longer wearing the garment regularly, you can choose to up-cycle with us.

You'll be able to send us back your item purchased through our website so that we can do our best to give your garment a new home. That way, we can extend the lives of our clothes instead of them ending up in the ground.

Further details will be announced in time.

We're always open to new ideas, so feel free to share any thoughts you might have on how we can better our ethical and sustainable standards by emailing us at We're all ears!