The Loom Art: Merging Fashion & Art
A brand that stands for the love and preservation of handloom art. Their aim is simple, and execution absolutely spot on. The Hand Loom focuses on reviving old and dying authentic crafts such as hand embroidery and weaving techniques and gives a new platform to skilled artisans or ‘creative souls’ that are forgotten about in today’s global fashion industry.

Aarushi Kilawat designs with a nod to current trends, but everything about how each piece is made stems from slow and ancient practices. The hand loom fabric, the intricate embroidery and details, all come together to produce unforgettable pieces that you’ll want to wear all day and night long.

For this emerging brand, sustainability means sustaining the livelihoods of talented artisans and thinking about sustainability as a way of life. We can’t wait for you to explore their beautiful new collection inspired by breezy summer days. Treasure the dreamy handwoven fabrics all sourced and made to order from Banaras, Islampur, Murshidabad and quaint villages of India.
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