Ode To Odd: For Phenomenal Women
Rooted in the eccentric and real and playing in between softness and structure, Ode To Odd's clothes are an exploration of contemporary aesthetics coupled with premium Indian textiles and handiwork. Their work is truely an ode to everything bizarre and beautiful in the world and represents a sense of quiet luxury and craftsmanship that honours perfect imperfections.

Every piece is crafted from high quality natural and mostly handwoven fabrics which are made by old generations of weavers who have traditional family run businesses in the villages of India. All the pieces are hand dyed and some even carry imperfections which is a characteristic of the craftsmanship. Every detail including the buttons are made from natural materials such as recycled brass, horn and wood by artisans in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Every single piece from inception of design to final production is carried out in Ode to Odd’s studio with a slow production methodology and using minimum waste during production.

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