Ka-Sha: A Fusion of Cultures
Ka-Sha focuses on design as a form of storytelling, told through clothing that celebrate multi-layered cultures and ever-changing social landscapes.

Sustainability is a key focus and is not just limited to the use of natural fibres. Their goal is to embrace it at all levels from design, to sourcing, to production and distribution techniques. Their sustainability commitment extends to the people of Ka-Sha, that is, the makers and co-creators that bring designer Karishma Shahani’s art to life. Ka-Sha focus on giving people the right condition to work in and grow as individuals so that their personal goals can be met, while the brand reaches theirs. Their zero waste endeavour has led to the Heart to Haat concept which aims to upcycle and recycle fabric waste into functional products.

In its true essence, the label endeavours to celebrate handcraft in all its glory, hinged on modern functionality.

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