Heartfelt Artistry

At Omi Na-Na, we know how clothing has the remarkable ability to tell stories that words sometimes cannot convey. It’s a way to express our emotion, desires and personalities and gives the world a glimpse of who you are without speaking. It can boost confidence (hello power-dressing) and can help you feel happier (hello dopamine-dressing).

The fashion world has been feeling all loved up recently, and the designers we partner with also seem to have the love bug! Heart-inspired dresses have hit the market and we think we’ve got the best edit of sustainable and ethically crafted heart-pieces available. Think pink and red heart dresses, green and orange chained heart dresses and red heart jackets, trousers and tops - all designed by South Asian designers working hand-in-hand with artisans to help revive their trade.

Crafting Stories Stitch by Stitch

Behind the scenes of every heart dress found at ominana.com, there is a team of dedicated artisans whose hands work magic with every needle and thread. These artisans are the unsung heroes who transform a simple piece of fabric into a work of art. 

Each red heart on the All You Need Is Love Dress is hand-embroidered using a free-hand method on a natural undyed linen fabric, taking 1-2 days to complete. You can also find a similar top, skirt and jacket made with the same heart-filled fabric.

red heart dress fabric hand-embroidered omi na-na

Find smaller black hearts on the Queen of Hearts Dress available in five beautiful linen shades. The fabric is hand-dyed using AZZO-free colours prior to being hand-embroidered. 

Another statement piece is the NorBlack NorWhite Pink and Red Heart Dress made from pink organza which is hand-embroidered with giant red hearts. Each freesize comfortable dress comes with a white dyed slip to help make the beautiful red hearts pop. This red and pink dress can also be found in white and black too. 

So as you adorn yourself with these heart-infused creations, remember that you're not just wearing clothes – you're wearing narratives, dreams, and legacies. Your choice becomes a part of a larger story, one where fashion becomes a medium to celebrate tradition, express love, and foster connections. At Omi Na-Na, we're not just curators of fashion; we're weavers of tales, and we invite you to become a part of our journey.

Find our full Heart Edit here at ominana.com.